Re: 64-bit FC3 on nForce4 motherboards

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Brian Stretch wrote:

Has anyone successfully migrated a 64-bit FC3 machine to a nForce4 chipset (PCI-Express) motherboard? I get a kernel panic very quickly during bootup, right after it fails to mount the drives (boot drive is Serial ATA, nForce controller). There are two PCI errors too. The weird thing is that I can boot linux rescue off the FC3 DVD and read my drives just fine. I had to move my HDs back to my old system to get online so I'm hoping someone can at least tell me if they have successfully run FC3 on a nForce4 chipset system.

Maybe an issue with fstab?? What's the chipset on the nForce... Silicon Image??? In that case, FC kernels have a MAJOR flaw: they include both the drivers there are for it ATA and SATA... This is wrong because these two drivers are MUTUALLY exclussive. I haven't known a single FC official kernel that properly supports SII 311x controller. One reason to build your own.

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