Update2: Fedora Install Failure

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I also checked the Looonnnggg thread on the bug report for the p4p800 class 
mother board... At first glance this is not the same problem.... My linux seems 
to boot up during install, but the installer seems to die... I get the Blue 
screen (Fedora Core on top left) with prompts on how to proceed/select items, 

After some initial messages about initializing usb, sata, etc (I will have to 
try and capture the sequence) The box appears to hang...  Disk Light on for 
about a minute or 2... Then 

Poof... Junk characters all over the screen and nothing... No keyboard, no num 
lock, etc... Hard reset...

The box is currently running Win xp and Redhat 9 on separate hard drives with 
boot floppy... 

Also Video card is OLD compared to rest of hardware... 4M S3 pci card.  This 
was my first thought due to the funny characters...

Thanks for your patience...(And sorry about the subject problem...) 

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Subject: Update: Fedora Install Failure
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ASUS P4PE motherboard with 2.6g P4... Just found similar (though not exact) 
message for ASUS p4p800  Same problem/Solution????

> On Sep 8, 2004 at 15:55, [email protected] in a soothing rage wrote:
> >I am having problems installing Fedora.   I have downloaded the FC2 release 
> >checked the information with md5sum.  Everything checked ok.  During the 
> >install I get to the point where a blue screen with Fedora Core appears.  The 
> >process runs for a minute or 2.  Then the screen fills with garbage 
> >and the process stops.   
> [...]
> >Anyone have any ideas?
> Hardware. What hardware do you have?
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