Re: [FC2 x86_64] Kudzu does not accept keyboard input

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> Am So, den 13.06.2004 schrieb Rodolfo J. Paiz um 21:18:
> > [...] Ask them, convince them, and when you buy a
> > piece of hardware make your best effort to buy from someone who *does*
> > support open-source. Voting with money is the single best way to
> > communicate your preferences to your suppliers.

To me it looks like Fedora releases are being used to test and to pave the
way for the commercial products of Redhat.
In this way one uses the "community" for testing and debugging and for
pushing hardware manufacturers.
I'am not stating that this is wrong, but many users don't know
Many users are used to the stable products like RedHat 8 and 9, not to the
experimental positioning of Fedora....

Just my 2 cents.....
Fons van der Beek

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