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Em Seg, 2004-01-19 Ãs 10:50, Jeremy Kruer escreveu:

> I got a new Digital camera and am trying to use it with Fedora.  I
> created a mount point and successfully mounted it using mount ât vfat
> /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera.  However, I noticed a couple of things that I
> would like to make easier.  
>      1. In order for me to mount it, I had to log on as root
>      2. In order to mount it I have to open a terminal 
> These are not problems for me to do, however, I would like to make it
> easier for other people to connect it (i.e non computer people) and I
> also do not want to have to give every user the root password just to
> be able to connect a digital camera.  Is it possible to create
> something on the desktop that can be clicked and it automatically
> mount/unmount the camera?  I am thinking of something similar to the
> CD/DVD/Floppy links that come by default on the Fedora desktop?  
> I would also like to be able to do the same thing for my Flash Thumb 
> Drive that I have.

Take a look at the archives for "olympus" - one nice guy made it easy -
just plug the camera, and the icon pop on your screen. Easier, only if
the camera got mounted with a camera icon and with read and write


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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