Re: F14 - 4 min delay on shutdown

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On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 7:10 PM, Genes MailLists <[email protected]> wrote:

> Also why is dnsmasq running at all  - its turned off - and named is
> doing DNS ?
> chkconfig --list dnsmasq
> dnsmasq         0:off   1:off   2:off   3:off   4:off   5:off   6:off
> Is this part of the problem ???

I am running some tests on i686 with the 2.6.38 kernel - and like you
I find that dnsmasq is running despite it being off under chkconfig.

I find that it is started after NetworkManager has started up during
boot in the messages log:

Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq[2237]: started, version 2.52 cachesize 150
Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq[2237]: compile time options: IPv6
GNU-getopt DBus no-I18N DHCP TFTP
Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq-dhcp[2237]: DHCP, IP range --, lease time 1h
Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq[2237]: reading /etc/resolv.conf
Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq[2237]: using nameserver
Mar 31 19:37:33 lapmike3 dnsmasq[2237]: read /etc/hosts - 2 addresses

However like you I don't know what is starting dnsmasq or why it needs
to be running at all.

I am going to turn it off and then shutdown - and see if I get any
delay - I also have ntpd running so I will report back once I have
turned off and rebooted.

Interestingly I am on a 10.0.x.x network so why dnsmasq is looking at
192.x.x.x I have no idea!

mike c
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