Re: F14 - 4 min delay on shutdown

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On 03/31/2011 01:01 PM, Genes MailLists wrote:
>  As of a few weeks back I started getting very slow shutdowns ...
>  Anyone else seeing this or got some color on the problem ?
>  here's what seems to be happening:


> Mar 31 06:55:49 lap1 named[1483]: no longer listening on
> Mar 31 06:56:13 lap1 dnsmasq[1991]: no servers found in
>                                     /etc/resolv.conf, will retry
> ==================================================================

Also why is dnsmasq running at all  - its turned off - and named is
doing DNS ?

chkconfig --list dnsmasq
dnsmasq        	0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off

Is this part of the problem ???
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