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On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, Bob Goodwin wrote:

> I've installed "virtualbox" on this F-14 computer and

> it appears to be working, however now I need a copy of Windows

> to run in it in order to solve my other problem. I have

> several copies of WindowsXP Pro including the one that came

> with this computer but refuses to run unless that drive is

> plugged into the first slot.


> That problem occurs because initially I had a computer

> failure and elected to replace the computer and install the

> hard drives from the failed unit into the "new" one. The old

> one had a Windows partition that was selectable from grub and

> would operate normally if needed. Once the drives were swapped

> into this computer and Windows selected it would protest that

> perhaps I had a virus and refuse to boot. :-)


> The details go on and on but my question is would I

> have to buy a copy of Windows to use virtualbox or is there a

> way to make it use the original copy on the disk containing

> WindowsXP that came with this computer? If I swap data cables

> around Windows still boots. It is installed by itself on an 80

> gig sata drive.


> Bob

I think I'd try virtualization of your physical machine - I've done that a lot to go to VMWare VMs, but there's a way to use VMWare free tools to get to a VirtualBox VM - here's one site that explains the process:


Claude Jones

Brunswick, MD, USA

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