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On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 16:53:48 -0500
Alex <[email protected]> wrote:

> eventually completing the upgrade, I'm left with one remaining selinux
> error that I can't figure out:
> [   10.017350] type=1400 audit(1299697430.359:4): avc:  denied  {
> mmap_zero } for  pid=664 comm="vbetool"
> scontext=system_u:system_r:vbetool_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023
> tcontext=system_u:system_r:vbetool_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023 tclass=memprotect
> What is the cause of this, and any suggestions on how to resolve it?

A guess.
vbetool is described as follows:
vbetool uses lrmi in order to run code from the video BIOS. Currently,
it is able to alter DPMS states, save/restore video card state and
attempt to initialize the video card from scratch.

Given that, the error seems to say that it is trying to access memory
that it is not authorized to have access to when doing its job.  Do you
map your video bios into memory?  I think this is usually turned on the
BIOS itself.  If not, it might be trying to access the actual BIOS
address, and this is not allowed.  As I said, this is just a guess, and
maybe someone more knowledgeable will answer you.

How does SETroubleshooter suggest you deal with this?  If you have it
enabled, and are able to see it.
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