Re: Any arguments for keeping Yum case-sensitive?

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On Tue, 8 Mar 2011 10:39:19 -0200
Fernando Cassia wrote:

> OS/2's HPFS and JFS does that...  YET, it makes file open requests
> case-insentitive, so it preserves whatever original capitalization (or
> capitalisation :) you used when you created the file, but when it
> comes to opening the file (typing the name on a file requester or
> command line), A_Bottle_of_coke.txt or A_bottle_of_Coke.txt or
> A_BOTTLE_OF_COkE.txt are exactly the same, you get to open the
> A_Bottle_of_Coke.txt that is present on the file system.

Yep, and when you decide you named it wrong and try to
rename a_bottle_of_coke.txt to A_Bottle_of_Coke.txt it
whines at you and says the names are the same and won't
let you do the rename.
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