Re: Any arguments for keeping Yum case-sensitive?

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On 08Mar2011 03:53, Fernando Cassia <[email protected]> wrote:
| This is silly.... makes me waste time... wasting time is no good.

It should be case sensitive. UNIX generally is.

| [[email protected] sound-juicer-2.20.1]# yum install Perl-xml-parser
| Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
| Setting up Install Process
| No package Perl-xml-parser available.

More guess-the-package follows.

What you should be doing is "yum search xml-parser" (for example).
The cut/paste the correct package name.

The search facility is case insensitive because you're asking "find me
something _like_ this". But "yum install"? No way. It should do exactly
what is asked, and nothing else. Case insensitivity is the door to
"guess at what I might have meant". Bad. For the system administrator:
very bad.

I don't see people aguing for making yum (and other commands) cope with
misspelt things; case sensitivity is the same issue.

Cameron Simpson <[email protected]> DoD#743

Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen.
        - Lord Halifax, Works
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