Re: k3b dvd burn problems with growisofs

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On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 17:09 -0500, Tom Horsley wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 15:55:00 -0600
> Brian Millett wrote:
> > With the default k3b that now uses growisofs to burn a dvd, it fails at
> > 49% every time.
> Are you sure it uses growisofs? I just tried to burn a dual sided
> DVD the other day with k3b-2.0.2-2.fc14.x86_64 installed, and
> it screwed up completely, looking at the messages I see "auto"
> apparently still picked wodim to do the burn.
> I still have to switch the burning app from "auto" to "growiosfs"
> to make k3b work properly.

Yes, the dialog while burning states that it is using growisofs.

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