Re: Getting data off of a Palm Pilot IIIe

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On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 06:15 -0500, Tod Thomas wrote:
> I have a old palm pilot that I really don't use but still use its 
> windows client GUI.  I can still sync it to the original palm pilot but 
> I'd like to get the data off of that platform onto something a little 
> more contemporary like Mozilla Sunbird etc.
> Is there some sort of utility that I can use to transfer the palm pilot 
> information to another platform?  I've looked around and haven't found 
> anything that really works well.
> I've checked Sunbird but I'm open to suggestions if you could share your 
> experiences.

yum install pilot-link

Kpilot and gnome-pilot are GUIs which use the above, but if you just
want to back up your data you don't need them.


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