Re: Broadcom Wireless on Fedora 14 (was Re: users Digest, Vol 84, Issue 33)

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On Monday 14 February 2011 19:05:36 Joe Zeff wrote:
> On 02/11/2011 12:38 PM, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Why is it that some people on this list think it clever to publicly
> > humiliate? Gentle reminders off-list are so much more effective.
> The story wasn't meant to humiliate or otherwise chastise the OP; it was
> just a story about a badly-configured mailing list that I thought might
> be interesting.  In fact, unless you're administering a list that does
> things like that, I can't see how you could possibly have taken it
> personally, but then, even at my age people continue to surprise me with
> the weird ways they have to create insult where none was intended.

My comment was not aimed at you or your post, but at a general tone that seems 
to be too prevalent these days.  It is right and proper to correct people that 
don't understand netiquette, but IMO it should be done in private.

I'm sorry that it appeared to be personal, but that's one problem with 
threading - you have to attach to something, and it tends to be the last 
message in the thread that catches it when such a general comment is made.  
Since your story was not part of the practice I'm complaining about I 
apologise to you.

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