Re: Change wireless interface "sens" value how?

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On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 11:04 PM, JD <[email protected]> wrote:

> Actually, my chipset is the RalinkTech RT2860, which is now supported
> by mainline (AFAIK). It seems serialmonkey no longer maintains this
> driver???
> At any rate, I have had other issues with the rt2xxx driver re: setting the
> Tx power.
> After I opened a bug at, I received a patch which took
> care
> of the problem.
> So, I am hoping that they will pay attention to this and provide a patch.

I tried some tests with a laptop running ipw2200 running under
Fedora F15 (nightly live image which was built yesterday). Adjusting
the sens parameter does let the laptop roam beautifully between two
APs with the same ssid. In this case the driver gives positive
integers for the sens parameter.  So it seems I do
indeed need to chase down the driver code for my other netbook (ath5k)
which does not permit changes to, or report, the sens parameter.

At some point I will test another machine running iwlwifi 4965 but it
is a little late Sunday evening here. However I am now confident that
this will work fine - and NetworkManager is not a problem when it
comes to roaming!

So I guess you will also need to chase the RALink driver code and hope
that it can be made to include the sensitivity... or switch wireless
cards to one which does support it!

This has certainly been a learning curve for me!
mike c
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