Re: How to be notified if the battery of my notebook is low?

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On 02/09/2011 05:40 PM, Aaron Konstam wrote:

> I don't usually run my laptop until the battery gives out but I would
> swear that I am notified when the battery is low. No wall command is
> issued though. This happens without any special configuration on my
> part.

Um, yes.  I done a bit of this lately.  I've been told that if you use
your laptop until the battery runs out, then let it sit for a couple of
hours (DO NOT CHARGE!), and start it up again (and let the battery run
out again) that the next time you charge it up, it will charge to a
(slightly) higher level than the previous last charge level.  This is
supposed to help fend off battery depletion!  I was testing.  I've seen
some small change with my battery capacity, but I haven't gotten it back
to near new power levels yet.

Anyways, I get a notice (pop-up) from the Gnome-Power-Manager when the
battery capacity gets to 20% (At this point, the battery icon turns
orange).  I get another warning (pop-up) when it gets to less than 5
minutes remaining.  I get a final warning that the laptop will hibernate
if the power gets much lower, then, before it can hibernate, the power dies.

Is there somewhere I can configure the Gnome-power-manager to warn me or
start the hibernate process earlier?  So that it completes?  I know it
doesn't complete, because when I reboot, it reboots immediately to a new
kernel, not the old desktop I was running when it died.

I'd like to re-define the critical point where it starts the hibernate
so that it has enough power left to complete the hibernate process....

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