Re: "fatal error occurred when installing the module-init-tools"

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a funny thing happened.

when the installer asks that what repositories do i want, i always ticked fedora i386, and updates.

if i doesn't tick them, and only leave the "standard" installer repository - then the installer doesn't gives the error message

i'm installing it now...

---- On Fri, 04 Feb 2011 20:21:59 -0800 kellyremo <[email protected]> wrote ----

i burned 5 cds [Fedora 14 i386]

but when the install starts:

"fatal error occurred when installing the module-init-tools"

"exit install" :(

the laptop is a HP Compaq 610

i'm running a memtest on the Fedora 14 CD, but no errors found

i had checked the checksums, but all OK.

What could be the problem??

I don't have a DVD, but i will try to buy one, burn the Fedora 14 DVD iso to it, and try again... :(

any opinions? what could be the problem?

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