Re: Things are getting really messed up on Fedora 14

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On Wed, 2011-02-02 at 09:15 -0800, les wrote:
> Hi, guys, 
> 	First it was evolution, and some poor slowdowns with other things, now
> it is firefox, where I cannot set the home page.  I have tried using
> edit>preferences and typing it in, selecting the page I want and
> selecting edit>preferences and selecting use current page, and I hav
> tried dragging the token to the home button.  None of these methods
> work.  What on earth do we have to do now to set preferences?  Is the
> history really being erased?  Are our systems doing strange stuff?  or
> is it just my system?  By the way the problem of not saving the
> separator position in evolution has come back as well.
> 	Are Microsoft engineers "helping" us with our applications now?
> Regards,
> Les H

Something is really wrong on your machine. Being a the page you want and
clicking on Use Current Page under edit->preferences has always worked
for me. When you do that what becomes the current page?
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