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On Thursday 03 February 2011 03:56:40 don fisher wrote:
> I have three systems, two Ubuntu and one F14. I am trying to move to
> F14. Currently I can mount any of the Ubuntu the systems on the three
> computers. But when I try to mount the file system exported from F14 I
> receive a message from NFS:
> mount.nfs: No route to host
> I can ping the F14 system, so the name resolution should be ok. I use
> the same /etc/exports file on all machines, so is is probably not the
> problem.
> Is there anything I need to set up with iptables, or PAM?
> I am working from the command line. Any advice appreciated.
I had similar problems in mounting from fstab.  It turned out that I was using 
mount commands suited to nfs3 and Fedora was using nfs4.  This is one of the 
fstab lines that works for me - I'm sure that from that you can find what you 

192.168.0.xx:/home /mnt/server_home nfs4 rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr

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