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On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 10:01 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> This computer has developed problems and I have elected to replace
>     it with another used computer which FedEx should deliver in a few
>     days. I know I can transfer file from one to the other but is there
>     any hope I could simply install these hard drives and boot from
>     them. That would save me the effort of a lot of configuration.
>     I suspect not but wanted to ask before doing anything else.
>     I hesitate to shut this computer off, It comes on sounding like a
>     jet engine in my quiet room, fans running full bore and does not
>     POST. I changed the power supply, it ran ok for a week or more, I
>     figured I had it fixed until the problem returned with a vengeance.
>     I can get it to run by pulling off a fan plug and reinserting it
>     although that fan does not appear to be the problem. Too much,
>     simpler to buy another used box.
>     Thanks.
>     Bob
>     .
>     -- 
Need to know more about the hardware.  Present and new.
A fly by the seat of the pants answer would be as long as there is a
disk controller for the type of disk in the old machine (pata. sata,
sas, scsi) the disks should transfer.  I wouldn't expect an X display to
work though I would boot into init 3 or single user mode first from
those disks.

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