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On 01/03/2011 04:05 AM, Roelof 'Ben' Kusters wrote:
>    From savayu ali:
>> I think the others understood that, what they were asking was why is
>> the live CD not sufficient for your purposes since after the install
>> is done, you can choose to install whatever other packages you need.
> I live in a country where a high-speed internet connection is rare. I
> happen to have one, and burn DVDs for people who don't. I have no
> experience with other than the desktop spins, but know that the desktop
> live-cd misses some basic stuff - like OpenOffice. I don't know if that is
> the case with the Design Spin, but someone is asking a design spin disk. I
> would like to offer him the complete packadge, without needing to download
> another gigabit of data - which I know from experience can take days here.
> I'm assuming that OpenOffice et al aren't in the Live CD Design spin
> either... Is this a correct assumption?
There are 2 methods can solve it:

1. The easiest way is : use the Desktop Live CD and keep the application 
packages,like Openoffice(you could burn DVDs for them),
when you need to reinstall your system or someone ask a design spin  
disk, just offer him the Live CD and
application packages. Then install a new OS through the Live CD, and 
install applications for your purposes.

2. Customize your Live CD with all of your applications, but it's a big 


Vincent Li

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