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On Sat, 2011-01-01 at 13:12 -0800, David L wrote:
> I just bought an ergonomic keyboard because my wrists are starting to hurt.
> Now that I have one, I am trying to get rid of some bad habits that
> I've developed
> over many years.  One such bad habit (according to some ergonomic typing web
> sites I've seen) is using the same hand to key a modifier and a letter (eg:
> left-control and f to move forward in emacs and shells).  Is there a way to
> make such key combinations simply not work in fedora?  For example, can
> I make it so left control plus [asdfzxcvbqwert] does nothing?
> Thanks...
>                David

It's likely possible, by adjusting the keymap to map the left and right
mod keys to different modifiers, and then specifying which modifiers can
be used with each various key (actually, there might not be enough
modifiers available to do this with shift, ctrl, AND alt). It would be a
lot of work, but I can imagine there would be a small but devoted user
base for such a keymap :-)


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