Re: java and firefox crashes on FC13

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On 12/05/10 10:25, Alex wrote:
> Hi,
>> Try installing the Sun Java jdk.  There have been issue with some sites
>> crashing when using openjdk, but work with Sun's.  Also try chrome, it
>> may give you a better idea if in fact there is an issue with openjdk.
>> Are you sure it's java that's crashing and not for example flash?
>> Firefox crashes repeatedly for me on F12 with flash.
> Yes, it's looking more like it could be flash, but firefox and flash
> haven't changed in a few weeks, and this problem really just started a
> few days ago. Flash and firefox had otherwise been pretty stable. It's
> certainly slower than chrome, but at least it's stable.
> flash-plugin-              Wed 17 Nov 2010 11:58:32 AM EST
> How can I figure out what has changed to try and fix this?
> How do I install the Sun java JDK?
> Thanks,
> Alex
You can download the rpm from  There was an email thread 
on this recently.  I've copied the relevant text here:

Install Oracle/Sun Java:
# rpm -i jre-6u22-linux-i586.rpm

Make it the system default:
# alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /usr/java/default/bin/java 20000
# alternatives --install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ \ /usr/java/default/lib/i386/ 20000

To switch between IcedTea and Oracle/Sun (if necessary):
# alternatives --config java
# alternatives --config

What I did was to fix my PATH variable to put


before /usr/bin so it would pickup the Sun java tools.

Next create a symlink from


to .mozilla/plugins

This will install the Sun java plugin.  If you're installing 32 bit the 
path will different.

You will need to go into firefox and disable all other java plugins 
except the Sun one, and restart firefox.

Hope this helps.

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