Re: Fedora-14-i386-dvd.iso, file corrupted

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On 12/11/10 22:06, William Stock wrote:
> in a terminal window, cd to the directory with the bittorrent files
> (example: cd Download/Fedora-14-i386-DVD) and enter: sha256sum -c
> (This is the lazy man's way to do it.  The system will try to find all
> the CDs too, and fail them, but who cares?  Just so the DVD you're
> interested in is OK.)
> apropos sha256  will give you a list of likely candidates, and
> man sha256sum   will give you a quick&  dirty synopsis of the command.
> Good Luck.
> (For years, before DVDs came along, the first CD (FTP) of the set would
> test OK for me, and all the rest would test bad, but they all worked
> fine.  I've had Brasero lie to me as well.)
> Bill
> On Fri, 2010-11-12 at 16:20 -0500, Vincent wrote:
>> Hello All'
>> I downloaded fedora-14-i386-dvd.iso several time included bitorrent. The
>> dvd disk were burned from two different computer, they all show error
>> during the test. The installation were tested on 3 different computer.
>> The bittorrent when downloaded made a directory "fedora-14-i386-dvd" in
>> I found 2 files "fedora-14-i386-dvd.iso" and "fedora-14-i386-checksum"
>> this is the first time I used bittorrent and do not know how to use the
>> checksum to verify the iso file, this file however, when burned on dvd
>> and tested during the installation shows error also. Am I doing some
>> thing wrong?
>> I appreciate some help.
You did 'burn as an ISO image', didn't you?

John P

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