Re: Another kernel panic after preupgrade

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On Fri, 12 Nov 2010 11:10:27 +0100
[email protected] wrote:

> @stan Ok I've done that and inserted the line
> "initrd /dracut_output" to grub.conf. But there is *no* difference
> during boot (kernel panic etc.). 

You used the wrong file on the initrd line.  You need to use the 
file instead.  The dracut_output file is the messages from the dracut
process os you can, if you want, check for errors in the process.  And
make sure that the dracut- file is in /boot
on the system so grub can find it.  I do that by running the dracut
command from within /boot.

> @Sam: I tried your suggestion either (before dracut) but it is not
> helping anyhow. Particualry "chroot /mnt/sysimage" is failing (no
> such directory).

I don't see a response from Sam to this, but did you do a ls /mnt to be
sure you were using the right mount point.  He probably did this from
memory and he might have hit the wrong mount point.  Maybe it should
be /mnt/sysImage or /mnt/SysImage or ...

> All I want is to resume the upgrade. I mean, I didn't do anything
> fancy. Is it by purpose that one unimportant package causing trouble
> during upgrade is killing my whole machine? Is that a bug or a
> feature?

I assume it is by purpose, in order to prevent dependency errors in the
updated system.  It does seem rather drastic though.  

I haven't used preupgrade for a long time.  I had good experiences, and
then a bad one, I think upgrading to F10.  At that point I started
doing installs only, or duplicating and yum upgrading (more primitive
than preupgrade, but allows a lot more control and error recovery in
the process).  I now *always* leave my existing version alone and use a
separate partition for the new version.  That way I can always just
retreat to the perfectly working old version when I get frustrated or
while I am tweaking the new version.  No sweating, no cursing (or only
mild cursing :-) ), no deadlines.  Disk costs less than $.10 per
GByte, it's worth it for peace of mind.  Yes, when preupgrade works, it
means the tweaking is a lot less, but when it doesn't you end up where
you are.  You seem to be somewhat of a neophyte, so you probably
haven't had this ground into you yet, but when you upgrade or do
anything non reversible, you want to have a working current backup.

>  I am completely frustrated and currently not convinced of
> Fedora 

You are right, it might not be the distribution for you at this time.
But you do seem to have the wherewithal to master it.

> (except of its community of course, I appreciate your effort!).
Say, you wouldn't happen to be a diplomat, would you?  ;-)
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