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On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 8:30 PM, Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
<[email protected]> wrote:
> Patrick Dupre <[email protected]> writes:
>> My last 5 or 6 posts did not receive any feedback.
>> This is bothering a bit !
>> For now, I am trying for the 4th time to update a system from
>> fedora 11 to fedora 12. I started 2 week ago !
>> Apparently the update looks OK, but then, after I log, I cab
>> rebuild the db but then any rpm -Uvh  removes the data base !!
>> I have not clue.
>> The / has been formatted as ext3 -b 4096 -f 1024
>> Is there a problem here ?
> While I can't speak for others, when I see someone post about "updating"
> from one ancient Fedora version to another and complaining that
> something isn't working, I ignore it.  Ditto for the folks that post
> about a long string of non-default values they chose for the install and
> lo and behold they screwed something up and it isn't working correctly.
> If you want a working system, I recommend you install F14 as a clean
> (from scratch) install, accepting all default values.  Ideally would be
> if you told the installer that it could use the whole disk so that it
> could redo the whole partition table from scratch.


There are good ways to upgrade from EOL versions that are very old -
and there are very non-ideal ways to do it! If you choose the latter
and have serious problems then the highly recommended advice is to
save the files you really need with a good backup (which should be
done irrespective of whether there is an intention to upgrade or not),
and be prepared to trust the developers of the new release, and then
start with a nice clean install - that way at least the basic
operating system is optimised for the current release - then you can
fix up any old applications that you may have written yourself - and
ensure they are compiled in a way that will run in the latest OS, and
also check that the many improvements to selinux have not led to
problems in the old packages - any currently supported packages should
work out of the box of course.

I must admit that I have recently done a clean install of f14 on a
system which was previous running f11 - it installed cleanly, runs
beautifully, and is responsive and way way better than f11 was running
on the same hardware - my experience so far is that f14 is a really
excellent release and I am delighted with it... now I will be
installing it on my other critical systems too.
mike c
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