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On Wednesday 13 October 2010 09:22 PM, Alex wrote:
> Ideally, I'd like to be able to highlight text in any application and
> have it automatically copied to the buffer, then use the right mouse
> button, or ctrl-v, to paste somewhere else.

I think the behaviour to expect now a days is,

1. If you select but don't copy with either of the following then it
    is expected that you should be able to paste with a click of the
    middle button.
    + right click copy from the context menu
    + Ctrl + c (on regular desktop applications)
    + Ctrl + Shift + c (on the terminal)

2. If you _do_ copy, then you should be able to paste with the usual,
    Ctrl + v or Ctrl + Shift + v.

However there are certain things on your desktop that can change this
behaviour, namely clipboard managers. If you have a clipboard manager
running and it is set to "sync with selection", then you loose the
"select and paste with middle click" feature. It becomes, copy with
either but always paste with Ctrl + v or Ctrl + Shift + v.

So my suggestion would be to check for running clipboard managers and 
investigate how they are setup on your system.

Hope this helps.


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