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Hey people.
I'm jumping into fedora train right now but got some problems :)
I've already got two installs without much problems.. one on my laptop and another fedora13 install on an older comp just to test it a bit before installing it on my main comp.
But now I've got a problem.
Both those install went without problems but when I started installation on my main comp first I've noticed some graphic problems
when there is installation started and there is mouse and fedora 13 welcome installation screen. there are some like glitches or something
no idea how to describe them.. like bad pixels in small upper part of the screen.
But ignoring that everything went OK up to the part where I can choose a standard discs or non starts like sans and stuff..
When I choose standard disc installation just freeze there. No idea what is happening.
Only this that came across my mind is that there is a problem with raid maybe?
There are 2x640Gb HDD in raid0, there is win7 installed,
and another 1Tb HDD, non-raid member disk, where I would like to install Fedora and have a dual boot.
Still got programs that I need win for I'm afraid.
Sooo.. any idea what could be wrong here?
Installation went smooth on laptop and another comp but there is no raid so I'm guessing that could be a problem.

This comp where installation froze is in short:
Intel core2duo 2.6
GeForce GTX 285
2x640 GB in raid0
1Tb non-raid separate disk.

Would be shame to stop my fedora trip right at the installation :)
Thank you!

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