NetworkManager, usb_modeswitch and Option GSM modem

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Hi all,

until several update cycles ago NetworkManager handled my Option GT Max
PCMCIA modem card perfectly. It automatically switched it from mass
storage to modem and activated the modem function.

Nowaday I have to manually switch the card invoking 
'usb_modeswitch -c 05c6:1000:sVe=Option' before I be able to use

Question: Is this manual operation the new intended usage?

In /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf there is an option DisableSwitching=0 so the
automatic switching upon insertion of the card may be still intended.

If automatic operation is intended use, please could someone give me a
hint where to start searching for a resolution to provide a fix?
(unfortunately I didn't follow the discussion about hal / udev/
packagekit or whatever may be in charge of device handling nowadays).


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