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hmmm.... changing card just to get OS running isn't something that should be happening. Especially a bit more expensive one like this one.
By the way all this playing with fedora back at home is just to get myself familiarized enough so that I can switch to Linux back at office if I get everything up and 
running what I need in daily work. So far I've got everything,just having some small problems with Softimage but that will be solved as well.
There is xw8600 HP workstation (dual quad Xeon 3.0Ghz, 8Gb ram, Quadro 4600 nvidia).. so maybe it would work fine with that card
but I was planning to spend some time in Linux first testing everything before actually switching on that workstation.
In short... switching to different card and getting rid from fantastic one just to get OS running .. hardly..
Only option left is to keep playing with it on really old other comp but then I'm probably missing a lot
of experience as this old comp got only like 512mb ram just to start with :)

Maybe I could try to disconnect both disks in raid and install with this 1 disk connected only to see what happens. Maybe that could get me through
installation but those graphic glitches will probably still be there..
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