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  On 10/10/2010 03:27 PM, Mirko Jankovic wrote:
> Hey people.
> I'm jumping into fedora train right now but got some problems :)
> I've already got two installs without much problems.. one on my laptop 
> and another fedora13 install on an older comp just to test it a bit 
> before installing it on my main comp.
> But now I've got a problem.
> Both those install went without problems but when I started 
> installation on my main comp first I've noticed some graphic problems
> when there is installation started and there is mouse and fedora 13 
> welcome installation screen. there are some like glitches or something
> no idea how to describe them.. like bad pixels in small upper part of 
> the screen.
> But ignoring that everything went OK up to the part where I can choose 
> a standard discs or non starts like sans and stuff..
> When I choose standard disc installation just freeze there. No idea 
> what is happening.
> Only this that came across my mind is that there is a problem with 
> raid maybe?
> There are 2x640Gb HDD in raid0, there is win7 installed,
> and another 1Tb HDD, non-raid member disk, where I would like 
> to install Fedora and have a dual boot.
> Still got programs that I need win for I'm afraid.
> Sooo.. any idea what could be wrong here?
> Installation went smooth on laptop and another comp but there is no 
> raid so I'm guessing that could be a problem.
> This comp where installation froze is in short:
> Intel core2duo 2.6
> 4Gb RAM
> GeForce GTX 285
> 2x640 GB in raid0
> 1Tb non-raid separate disk.
> Would be shame to stop my fedora trip right at the installation :)
> Thank you!
> Mirko
I searched the kernel source code of "gtx.*285" and found nothing.
On the web, I see bugs launched agains the X driver for this graphics 

Is there a way you can use a different graphics card?

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