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William Perkins <wperkins <at>> writes:

> Is there a problem with the system or is
> it my problem?  I have been using this FTP and HTTP server for Fedora
> updates for quite awhile with no problems, but several days ago it
> stopped accepting connections from the system that handles package
> updates for all of my servers and clients.  No errors are returned,
> there is just no response.

could you please be more specific ? It matters :-)

I assume your internal update server is F13.
Where is it specified that you use that IP/address
as a repo server for updates ? Give us an output of that file.
Is that an official Fedora mirror site ?

>  It does resolve correctly in the DNS:

How did you verify that (dig, nslookup, host) ?
>From where did you verify it (your internal update server or client; or
perhaps outside-of-your-domain machine) ?

> I can connect to this server from other systems
> outside of my domain, but none of my own clients or servers can get a
> connection to open on the server.

On your domain: 
- do you use a local dns caching server (nscd, dnsmasq, bind) ? Where ?
- on your internal update server, give us an output of:
  $ cat /etc/resolv.conf
  $ cat /etc/host.conf 
- have you looked at your firewall rules (thru GUI and actual content in
  iptables files: less /etc/sysconfig/ip*tables ) ?

>  I can
> connect to other FTP and web sites without any problems.  A traceroute
> gets as far as ( and stops
> there after fourteen hops.
> I would appreciate some help or suggestions in resolving this problem.
> Thanks,
> Bill
> ----
> William M. Perkins, KJ4ASH         UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator
> The Greenwood                           ARES / Skywarn / ARCA
> Galax, Virginia                        E-mail - wmp <at>


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