Re: Can I know which fedora is stable?

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--- On Thu, 9/30/10, adrian kok <[email protected]> wrote:

> Can I know which fedora is stable?

If you mean like how Debian classifies its releases?  Then I don't think Fedora ever reaches "Stable".  It is really a cutting edge test bed for new features and code for RHEL and not a general use Linux Desktop OS.  We as users are the testers.  Some here have said that Fedora releases are really advanced betas, but I think that's incorrect.  Being a beta implies development toward a stable release, but Fedora never reaches finality nor is it intended to.  13 months after a particular version's release, development and support on it is abandoned in favor of newer versions.  IMO, Fedora releases, regardless of the version, are forever stuck in an advanced "Testing" state somewhere between Beta and Stable, a Gamma, if you will.  

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Scientfic Linux are what I would regard as "Stable".

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