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On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Patrick Bartek wrote:

Do you have the dkms package installed on your system?  With it a new
vbox kernel module should automatically be rebuilt when the kernel is
updated.  I have it installed on my Fedora 12 64-bit system and it
works just fine.  Of course, you'll need to have gcc, kernel-headers,
includes, etc. for it to work.
I've it but in the last two updates it didn't work, I don't know why.
gcc, and headers are installed as well.

This may help:
I'll give a look

Also, installing the VirtualBox repo will help, too, but it's not
necessary.  I have it turned off on my system, since I only use VBox
for testing and evaluating OSes and software.  So, I don't really need
the latest release.
this is also my case but if you update the kernel it is not working
anymore since it doesn't recreate the modules.


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