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Gordon Messmer <yinyang <at>> writes:

> There's no need to use NAT, proxy servers, or oddball iptables rules to 
> accomplish what roland described.
> As Dario pointed out, you have two options:
> 1) Set up a static route on each server in LAN A so that they use 
> as their default gateway and as the gateway 
> for the network in LAN B.  You can configure the route using Fedora's 
> network configuration tools.
> 2) Set up a static route on the router at using 
> as the gateway for the network in LAN B.  This will 
> simplify the configuration of all of the servers in LAN A, since they 
> don't need a route of their own.


No, I think you missed Roland's point.

> What do I have to configure, on the server on site A, to pass everything,  
> that comes in on port XX, to server through gateway  
His point is to treat requests coming to port XX of the internal server
He wants to "forward" (presumably transparently) these requests to the actual
server that is on an external network.
You can do that with either:
- a proxy server
- specially crafted NAT and forwarding rules in iptables

What you and Dario described is configurations of routing tables.

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