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On Wed, 08 Sep 2010 11:56:09 +0200, JB <[email protected]> wrote:

> roland <roland <at>> writes:
>> On Wed, 08 Sep 2010 09:52:27 +0200, JB <jb.1234abcd <at>>  
>> wrote:
>> > roland <roland <at>> writes:
>> >
>> >> ...
>> >> Is there a way to tell the server at site A to pass all traffic
>> >> to site  B?
>> >> ...
>> >
>> > Hi,
>> > iptables, FORWARD, forwarding ?
>> > JB
>> >
>> Can you give me an example. I'm not familiar with iptables. Would not  
>> like
>> to do the wrong thing.
>> Thanks
> Hi,
> it would be inappropriate for me to give you specific rules on how to  
> activate
> iptable forwarding on your live system (it is not a place to experiment  
> if you
> are not familiar with iptables).
> I can tell you that once you become familiar with iptables, it will be  
> easy.
> Please get familiar with it, it is an important application in area of  
> firewall
> and routing.
> This is netfilter/iptables main site:
> Find Documentation section:
> FAQ, HOWTOs, Tutorials
> Search Google for:
> iptables forwarding
> iptables forward example
> This is more technical summary:
> $ man iptables
> $ man ip6tables
> Do it, it will pay off for the long run for you.
> Experiment on your non-production desktop/laptop with Fedora, CentOS,  
> RedHat.
> The package that is installed (per dafault) is:
> $ yum list iptables
> It can be operated via:
> - command line
> - GUI (example of GNOME menu)
>   System-Administration-Firewall
> JB
Thank you very much.
By the way:
The system is not a live system, it is in a test faze.

The only thing I was expecting from you was to give a solution for this  
fictive situation:
suppose you are in a situation:
site A: server
	gateway for incoming Internet connections through port XX
	gateway for outgoing connections to site B
site B: server to contact

What do I have to configure, on the server on site A, to pass everything,  
that comes in on port XX, to server through gateway

This situation is fictitious and the server is not live.

Could you give an answer to this question?
Thank you very much.


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