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Hi Suomi and JB,

On Saturday 21 August 2010 10:37 PM, fedora wrote:
> Hi Suvayu
> I have made bad experiences with LVM toghether with ext4 and fedora 13.
> I got hundreds of

I have been using LVM for some time now. And my experience has been 
quite pleasant. I think I'll stick to it for a while more before I give 
up. :)

> If you still want to keep LVMs, do not forget to create the virtual
> group(s):
>     1. create a physical volume with pvcreate
>     2. create the virtual groups in the physical volume using vgcreate
>     3. create an LVM on the virtual groups with lvcreate
>     4. make the file system into each logical volume
> To copy the data, you may use rsync. In case you encounter disk errors
> the following programs may be helpful:
> dd_rescue
> myrescue
> badblocks
> testdisk
> ext3grep
> foremost
> photorec

On Sunday 22 August 2010 02:08 AM, JB wrote:
> Hi,
> just some hints.
> $ yum info*dd*rescue*

Thank you very much both of you. I considered all this, and read a bit 
about ddrescue, dd_rescue and dd_rhelp. It seems to me using either of 
these would be the least hassle free. I wouldn't need to create the LVM 
on my new physical drive. That means no VG name changes and I can just 
reboot to my F13 partition and it should just work (?). Also my data is 
not mission critical. :)

I am planning to do the following.
1. Boot into my old perfectly working F11 partition
2. Then do one of the following:

# dd_rescue -b 1G -l logfile -o badblocklog /dev/sd[faulty] /dev/sd[new]


# dd_rhelp /dev/sd[faulty] /dev/sd[new] info

or as recommended on the dd_rhelp homepage use "GNU ddrescue",

# ddrescue -n /dev/sd[faulty] /dev/sd[new]

Any suggestions on which of these would be recommended?

> JB

Thank you for this link JB. :)


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