Re: nvidia legacy driver update for Xorg 1.8 available

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  Am 15.08.2010 03:06, schrieb James McKenzie:
> Boris Glawe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> does anybody know whether there will be rpm packages for legacy nvidia
>> drivers (173.xx) on e.g. rpmfusion or any other repository?
> You will have to ask nVidia that question.  From what I gather on other
> support fora, these drivers are EOL and no longer supported.
Hm, nvidia has updated this driver at the beginning of august 2010. It's 
obviously still maintained. The driver is there, all I'm looking for is 
an rpm package.

> If you want to ask RPMFusion, you have to ask there.  RPMFusion, dispite
> what they say, is not supported nor even entertained here.
>> Nvidia has updated the 173.xx drivers and have added support for Xorg
>> 1.8:
>> I know, that there's the nouveau drivers, but its bad 2D performance
>> is unbearable on my old machine. Performance with both 2D and 3D was
>> good on F12 with nvidia's driver.
> One question, what does Xorg Server 1.8 provide that you REALLY have to
> have?

I don't have to switch back to Xorg 1.7 with the most recent fedora 
releases. Switching to an older Xorg version is a lot of work.

> One last comment, please setup your Gmail account to sent plain text to
> this mailing list.  There are some very knowledgeable folks here that
> dump HTML mail for security reasons (and you should read what HTML mail
> can do, this is an exercise left to the student and our friend Google.)
Thanks for the hint. Indeed my thunderbird sent messages in both html 
and text format. I haven't checked that!
> James McKenzie

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