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>> Well, the in-reply-to headers are missing, and they're automatically
>> created when you hit reply (when using any decent mail client).  The
>> "forwarded" message headers suggest that's because you're forwarding
>> instead of replying.  Something's very wrong, at least.

Parshwa Murdia:
> I wd say again the reason which seems to me may be is that I have been
> subscribed to the digest mail and I receive one email comprising of
> many e-mail in that with each individual email (contained in one
> digest) is under the header "Forwarded" and while replying to that it
> automatically doesn't get trimmed. But the good thing is that it could
> be manually trimmed.

And that reply was also missing the in-reply-to header, too.  Something
is still wrong.  Either gmail being dopey (I wouldn't be surprised), or
you're replying in an odd way.

When you reply to a post, any post, whether a digest or ordinary
message, the reply should have an in-reply-to header which details the
message id of the message that you replied to.  This, along with a
references header (listing the message ids of other messages in the same
thread) are used to tie together all the messages in the same thread.

Without that header / those headers, your messages aren't listed with
the messages that it belongs with.  This makes it hard to follow a
thread.  Normally, you can use "next" and "previous" mail buttons on a
client to walk through a thread.  But when the threading headers are
removed, your message is lost in a pile of thousands of other unrelated

(These headers aren't the introductory texts written into the messages,
just above the quoted sections, they're the mail headers that you can
see if you look at a message raw source.)

By way of example, look at this month's messages in the archive:

You can see that all the (well formed) replies to a message are threaded
one after another, in their logical sequence.  Allowing us to step
through, and follow messages, while trying to figure things out.  But
the messages in this (malformed) thread are splattered all over the
place, because the headers essential for threading are destroyed.  The
same thing happens in our mail clients, when we go through our locally
held email.  This makes it hard to follow a thread, bits of it will go
unseen, because we don't see a reply where we expect to find one.  And
if we need to refer to a prior post, it's much harder to find it than it
ought to be.  Some people will just give up on trying to help, and
delete problem posts.

If you can fix that up, you help yourself (and others) immensely when
you participate in mailing lists.

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