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>> I will judge that [1] link, then.  I can see quite a few things that
>> I wouldn't suggest someone does unless they know why they're doing
>> it.


Parshwa Murdia:
> So removing the following line from the sysctl.conf file is enough I
> think:
> vm.swappiness = 0
> to have no problems.

If you have problems with swappiness being customised, then go back to
the original settings.

> So if the preload has been installed with the command:
> [[email protected] ~]$ su -c 'yum -y install preload'
> How could it be uninstalled back to have no trouble?

If it causes you no problems, you may as well leave it there.  I just
said that I saw no reason to use it, though I have seen people mention
problems with it.

To remove something installed by yum, use the remove option.

  i.e. yum remove preload

By the way, before doing "yum -y" anything, consider why you're doing
that.  You're answering "yes" to anything ahead of being asked about it.
Normally, I'd suggest you're best not to use "-y", let yum start working
things out, then answer yes or no when it asks you whether to proceed.
That way you don't end up installing or removing a pile of things that
you don't really want to.

For instance, in some cases there's a lot of dependencies on some
package.  You might want to remove a package that you don't actually
use, but the dependencies will take out most of your desktop when you
remove that package.  Or you might want to try out some package that you
heard about, but the install will drag in a few hundred megs of other
packages, too.  If you answered "yes" ahead of time, you don't get a
chance to stop that.
>> It suggests using tmpfs for /tmp and /var/tmp.  I wouldn't suggest
>> that unless you do have RAM to spare.
> This can be simple deleted from the sysctl.conf file, I think.

No, the mount options are set in the /etc/fstab file.

By the way, please configure your gmail account so that it doesn't send
HTML.  It's a nuisance, in several ways, and you'll find some list
members will delete your mail the moment they see HTML content.  If you
don't know how to, please ask, someone on here will be able to give you
a simple answer for it.

[[email protected] ~]$ uname -r

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