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>>>> Having said the above, if you suspect an acpi or apic problem,
>>>> the URL:
>>>> says,
>>>> "acpi=off is a big hammer, and if that works, narrowing down by trying
>>>> pci=noacpi instead may yield clues"
>>>> It also says, "nolapic and noapic are sometimes useful"
> A quick update. I tried the acpi=no option and so far, so good. I have even brought it back into X windows and ran some yum updates to apply some stress. I'll leave it in this state until tomorrow evening just to make sure. Then I'll try the smaller hammers. 
> Question showing my ignorance of what acpi is. If pci=noacpi works or does not work, what clues is that giving me?

I didn't respond earlier because we've reached my level of ignorance too.

If I were you, I might try to narrow the problem a little further.

Eventually I would write a Bugzilla bug report telling the maintainers
the symptoms, what I had done, including things that didn't work as well
as things that seemed to work.

If I had a workaround, I wouldn't expect much help from a maintainer
because I would assume they have other problems to solve where a
workaround is not known.

If my Bugzilla bug report happened to be in an area a maintainer was
already digging in, the maintainer might take an interest and ask me to
do things to help gather more information.

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