Re: Sendmail: How does one blacklist annoying spammers?

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On 06/27/2010 11:56 PM, jdow wrote:

>>  This splat-with-no wait is classic of spammers - e.g. a pc bot - they
>> program them to send the header, send the body. close. This kind of bot
>> will not get through the greet pause delay.
> Gene, Ed mentioned this and I will, too. The "DUH", the really serious
> "DUH" here, is that you do not realize that it is REALLY easy to forge
> most of the lines of the email header. All the lines you normally see
> with the "Received" headers hidden can be forged and are routinely
> forged.

  (1) I was discussing the smtp transaction and the use of GreetPause
feature of sendmail that applies during the SMTP transaction - not sure
what you're driving at ??

  (2) As for Received headers,I only look at the one that my server

     This is fine unless they are using src ip forgery ...


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