Re: Sendmail: How does one blacklist annoying spammers?

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On 06/27/2010 06:11 PM, Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-06-27 at 08:55 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Do you know of any MTAs able to share outbound queues that would
>> account for this?
> The issues I mentioned have cropped up on a few lists, but it hasn't
> been me analysing it.  I seem to recall that this list and yahoo were
> two culprits.
I can tell you that yahoo was one of the services targeted during the
analysis since at the time it was the most popular free email service
here in Taiwan.  This behavior was never exhibited. 

As for this list, it wasn't included.  However, until recently, emails
from lists of fedoraproject came from a single host and only a single SPF record existed.  I don't
have records from the redhat days.  But, I have my doubts that they
would have had multiple MTA's sharing the same outbound email queue
allowing a different host to re-transmit on failure.

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