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> On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 09:59:24 -0700
> JD wrote:
>> Well, I am not sure it was the upgrade that did it.
>> I guess there was some corruption in your original
>> profile, that is why the new profile works just fine.
>> It is really very tedious for a non-firefox developer
>> to figure out what had gone awry in your profile.
> I gave up trying to re-use ~/.mozilla directories
> across releases a while back as something always seems
> to go wrong. Instead I just create a new one from scratch
> and then copy over the file:
> ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/places.sqlite
> (from where I saved the old ~/.mozilla). That gets
> all my bookmarks back, which is the only thing I
> really need. I don't have a large number of extensions,
> and I just reinstall the ones I need.
Hmmm. I just learned something new. I did not know that
places.sqlite contains all the bookmarks. I thought only
Bookmarks.html contained the bookmarks.

By the way, you do not care about your browsing history?
I find it very useful when I want to type-in the URL
myself in the address bar, and firefox pops up matching
suggestions and I select the one that matches. This is
a very nice feature for web pages that have long URL's,
and you do not always want to consult the bookmarks to
see where is that page you bookmarked.

Good luck,


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