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Darlene Wallach kirjoitti torstai, 10. kesäkuuta 2010 22:10:19:

> How did you get the mic to work?
> I still have Fedora 10 on my laptop
> $ yum list skype*
> Installed Packages
> skype.i586                                        
> @skype

That I have, and I have no camera, so no need others. But it 
seems, this version of skype is somehow broken with 
kde/pulseaudio. If I use only my intel-hda card I can use skype, 
but in KMIX there's only volume controlls available, nothing else. 
Earlier version of Skype let me choose which card I use for Skype.
This .81 just gives me pulseaudio, nothing else.

This is desktop computer, so in laptop there can be some other 

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