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On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 03:56 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> I could see how some would object and I could see several reasons why
> it is a not so good idea.

So can I, and the first thing that sprang to mind was the next thing you

> 1.  Having an informal method of forwarding messages from other lists
> could lead to multiple people deciding to forward the same and
> additional messages from other lists that they feel are "useful".  All
> potentially causing "list pollution".  So, it should be discouraged.

I've been on lists which just get deluged with forwarded crap.  Some of
it seemingly random, others of it repeats of things we otherwise get,
and people who keep on posting off-topics from semi-related lists
because "if they didn't post it here, they say you wouldn't get to see
it."   Clue - if we wanted to see it, we'd look at it where it was, and
when we don't subscribe to the other things, that was by choice.

Personally, I find it annoying to have a huge post repeated,
unnecessarily.  Unnecessary because I'm subscribed to the list it's
posted to, unnecessary because everyone else can subscribe as well,
unnecessary because the whole thing is permanently available on a
website that the poster could have just said "hey, the new newsletter's
just been released at this address...," in a short email, rather than
waste everyone's bandwidth.

> 2.  Forwarding edited messages could result in portions being removed
> that some would find useful.  (Why does the person forwarding get to
> decide what is "important"?)

I don't really agree on the above.  Firstly, please don't forward such
messages, seriously, don't.  There's no need.

Secondly, on the other hand, if there was something you saw in the
newsletter post that caught your interest, and you wanted to comment on
that, and it's relevant to this list, then sure, respond to that bit and
discuss it.  Don't throw the whole thing at us.  If someone else feels
they'd like to discuss another aspect of that newsletter, they're free
to do that, as well, in the same way (respond to the bit that they're
interested in).

People seriously need to learn about posting edited messages to this
list.  There's been a run of unnecessary full-quoted messages with
two-liner replies, over and over.  It's a right pain to read, especially
when they bury responses in the middle of the quotes without spacing
things apart so you can't see the responses.

Separate your responses.  Just quote the bit you need to, dump the rest,
in its entirety.  It wastes everyone's storage space and bandwidth, and
that includes the Fedora project's mail servers.  Think about that,
you're wasting the money that supports Fedora.

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read messages from the public lists.

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