Re: Why are the _nightly_ builds build once in a ... week???

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2010/5/31 Kevin Fenzi <[email protected]>:
> On Sun, 30 May 2010 22:01:12 +0200
> "Joshua C." <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I expected this but without seeing the failed logs one can only guess.
> Sorry, perhaps a 'state' file or something would be good to have.

I don't know. If the iso is successfully build then this state file
won't help. But any indication that the files are build is a sign in
the right direction.
>> > Out of curiosity, what do you use them for, and which spins? :)
>> I'm interested in the kde spin. I know that the "latest" kde code
>> reaches this spin not that fast but the main reason for using the
>> nightly composes is the ati/xserver stack. The maintainers have done a
>> great job in improving this video driver but it's still away from its
>> win**** counter part. The only way to test this and/or apply the
>> latest mesa patches is to have the latest rawhide code. The versions
>> that go with the serial distributions are outdated.
> I am syncing over the new images now. Most everything composed
> yesterday. ;)

Well after booting - no KDE, 2 kernel oops. This is fine when we
consider the switch to the beta-kde and the very early stage of the
2.6.34 kernel.

>> Here's a suggestion:
>> I know that those builds are based on the build tags e.g. dist-f14
>> etc. Sometimes some builds are made without being tagged and therefore
>> cannot be caught by the build script. (the kernel package in
>> particular). Is it possible to have a "rawhide" spin e.g. a spin that
>> has the "very latest" packages build in rawhide _not_ based on tags?
>> This will mean that if a package is in koji the script will take it
>> without looking if it is tagged as update-testing or dist-XX. This is
>> what I mean with the "very latest" packages. That will be a reall
>> rawhide spin.
> You are welcome to do so... there is a koji static repo that has the
> contents of everything built currently in the tag. I don't think I want
> to switch the nightlys to that, because one of the reasons for them is
> for maintainers to see what packages are currently composed and would
> be in a final spin if it happend then, and also with rawhide, all the
> packages built push out the next day, so a 1 day change isn't that
> worthwhile.
> Anyhow, enjoy the composes. I hope they are helpfull.

The idea is good but I don't think that it's worthy. If I compose my
own isos then I won't depend on the nightly composes. And the fedora
infrastructure is a way better than my pc :-)

Why is this syncing done manually. If the isos are automatically build
(which I think is the case here), why cannot they be automatically
synced to the server?
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