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On 05/31/2010 10:27 AM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Leonard Adjei wrote:
>> I have a server which houses thousands of audio tracks and materials.
>> Recently I started using a web application which seems to have a ew
>> problems with the naming convention used by default.
>> For example it has a problem with apostrophe signs ('), I want to be
>> able to create a script which goes to through the folder and all
>> files and folders under it and renames all the tracks by deleting
>> every entry of the apostrophe where it encounters them.
>> E.g. This ain't no game =>  This aint no game
>>         Mr Brown's Last supper =>  Mr Browns Last supper
>> and like that. I want the apostrophe sign to be deleted but everything
>> else stays the same.
>> Any suggestions on doing this would really be appreciated. Thanks.
> Suggestions:
> 1 - any mass rename opens you to disaster
> 2 - may not handle blanks well either
> 3 - possible solution below
> find . -name "*'*.wav" |
> while read item; do
>     dir=${item%/*}
>     oldname=${item##*/}
>     newname=${oldname//\'/}
>     mv "$dir/$oldname" "$dir/$newname"
> done
> Beware typos, I just typed that in...

I use a little app called "detox" for this kind of change. Works great! 
I didn't find an rpm, but it's on Sourceforge.



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