Re: How does F13 work with nvidia hardware ?

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On 05/27/2010 02:45 PM, Chris Kloiber wrote:
> nouveau does work fine... If you have one screen, or two screens and
> like spanning desktops (with the second to the right of the first). If
> you (like I) prefer separate desktops (so I can put a virtual machine
> on the second monitor) and the second screen to the left of the first,
> you are still pretty much out of luck with nouveau.
> I tried out nouveau recently as I was experiencing "tearing" of the
> portions of the screen when scrolling firefox with a window partially
> on top of firefox and was hoping it was the driver. Unfortunately
> nouveau has the same problem.
> <rant>
> The spanning desktops were also driving me crazy. I put my virtual
> machine on the second monitor (to the left and full screen), then try
> opening firefox. It invariably opens *under* the virtual machine,
> completely hidden. This alone is enough to drive be back to the nvidia
> proprietary driver, in all it's glorified ugliness. I do hope some
> developer can take pity on me and address this shortcoming.
> </rant>

If you would file a bug report on the issues that you are talking about,
it would be helpful.


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