Re: seeking resolution to Network Device difficulties

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Marko Vojinovic wrote:

> How do you obtain an IP? Do you get one served from DHCP on your router?
> It is possible that your router is configured to provide a fixed IP for a
> network card with specific MAC address. If that is the case, since you
> have changed the card the MAC is now different and you probably need to
> reconfigure the router, not the computer.

I have already thought of that. I think the router gives me the IP address on 
my local network.

In the router configuration, I see my old IP ( and it is shown 
as being linked to an HWAddresss (MAC Address, I guess, for my old ethernet). 
Then, there is another address, linked to another MAC, etc. I am unable to 
remove these. I can see nowhere to delete them or reconfigure them. My 
neighbour must have somehow connected to my wireless many months back and his 
computer seems to be permanently linked to and I have been 
unable to get rid of it for over 6 months! It is as if the router thinks his 
computer is on my network. I had no recourse but to block all access from 
that IP, but I cannot seem to get rid of computers that the router thinks are 
on my network. It just shows them as inactive, but there is no delete or 
reallocate button.

Any suggestion?

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