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On Sun 02 May 2010 @ 15:31:35 zulu Andre Robatino scribed:

> Henry Wyatt <hewjr1000  at> writes:
>> Were can I get libdvdcss for f12 x86_64
> The Livna repository at basically exists
> just for that one package - install the livna-release package,
> then libdvdcss will be available.

There is not a separate 64-bit package.

You can't install the 32-bit debuginfo package for it from there,
because the SHA1 value for it in the database files is not correct...
and you can't just correct it in those metadata files...
doing that makes THEIR hashes not match in repomd.xml...

I reported that a couple months ago in the rpmfusion users
list, but nobody ever fixed it. If you have crashes and can't get
a trace file without the debug packages, you can manually DL
the file from the livna repo to e.g. /var/cache/yum/ and then run
# yum -C install /var/cache/yum/libdvdcss-debuginfo-1.2.10-1.i386.rpm

It might throw an RPMDB warning, but it should install anyway.
(You can tell yum to ignore GPG keys, but not a hash mismatch.)

It would be sweeter if someone would just fix the repo and mirrors, tho. 

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